Thursday, November 12, 2009

TDP leaders exposing their ignorance: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party refuted TDP leader Kadiyam Srihari’s allegation that the Lok Satta Party had concealed its income and expenditure.

Talking to the media, party spokespersons V. Laxman Balaji, G. Raja Reddy and Mrs. K. Geeta Murthy said that the party not merely puts its accounts on its website but also released them to the media. The party received contributions totaling Rs.3.23 crore and spent Rs.3.16 crore during the 2009 elections.

Apparently, Mr. Srihari, like some of his colleagues, is deliberately attempting to tarnish Lok Satta’s image, blissfully ignoring public facts.

The party rapped Mr. Kadiam Srihari for alleging the Lok Satta was silent on Congress Party corruption. Instead of merely criticizing the Congress, it had drafted a Bill to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act and asked the TDP to take the lead in getting it passed. For reasons known to everybody, the TDP chose to ignore the Lok Satta request.

The Lok Satta leaders also took exception to the canards being spread by, the latest being that the Lok Satta Mayoral candidate belongs to the Kamma caste. The Lok Satta leaders said that its Mayoral candidate Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao belongs to a backward caste and not the Kamma caste.

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