Sunday, November 8, 2009

TDP indulging in falsehood, Charges Lok Satta

Unnerved by Lok Satta Party’s growing popularity, the TDP is trying to sling mud at it especially on the eve of the GHMC elections as it did on the eve of the general elections, the Lok Satta Party charged today.

Talking to the media, party leaders Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao, Mr. Beesetti Babji, Mrs. S. Manorama, Mr. P. Ravimaruth said that TDP leader Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu had chosen to ignore facts and utter lies in regard to the Lok Satta stance on corruption.

The Lok Satta has all along maintained that there is little to choose between the Congress and the TDP so far as their attitude to corruption is concerned. The spokespersons cited many instances to buttress their claim.

The Lok Satta has taken a principled stand on both the allocation of mines and telecom spectrum by demanding that such allocations be made through international competitive bidding and not be left to the whims and fancies of ruling parties. There is little difference between the Congress and the TDP since both would like the era of patronage to continue, although they differ on beneficiaries.

The Lok Satta supported the Supreme Court judgment upholding the Presidential Order on the implementation of the six-point formula. In contrast, both the Congress and the TDP found themselves on the same side in seeking a review of the verdict. Both the Congress and the TDP sought to camouflage the fact that the Supreme Court had nowhere talked of a Hyderabad free zone. The Supreme Court merely upheld the zonal regulations that were honored between 1975 and 2001.

Although the Lok Satta Party requested the TDP to take the lead in getting the Prevention of Corruption Act amended based on a draft Bill prepared by it, the TDP chose to ignore its proposal. Apparently, the TDP, like the Congress, is not keen on curbing corruption for reasons known to everybody.

The Lok Satta had opposed the provisions in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act which confer voting rights on ex-officio members like MPs and State legislators since they are undemocratic and unconstitutional. But both the Congress and the TDP remained silent on it since they would like to utilize the provisions to undo people’s verdict.

The Lok Satta leaders pointed out another instance of collusion between the Congress and the TDP. While the Congress did not field its candidate in the Terlam by-election, the TDP did not field its candidate in the Khairatabad by-election.

The Lok Satta leaders pointed out the irony of Mr. Muddukrishnama Naidu accusing the Lok Satta of taking on the TDP, a fellow Opposition party, and not the ruling Congress. It was the TDP which had first unleashed a baseless and malicious campaign against the Lok Satta, a fellow Opposition party,

The Congress and the TDP are Tweedledum and Tweedledee of Andhra Pradesh politics since they find themselves on the same wavelength on most issues. In contrast, the Lok Satta is committed to fighting corruption, whoever happens to be in power. It has consciously refrained from making personal allegations since its focus is on issues and not on individuals.

The Lok Satta leaders said that their party is prepared even today to work with all parties who are sincere and serious in fighting corruption.

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