Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prospects bright, feels Lok Satta Party

The latest political situation in Andhra Pradesh is conducive to Lok Satta Party’s emergence as the real alternative to traditional parties.

That was the unanimous view of the top leaders of the party, who met here today with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, party President, in the chair.

Giving this information to the media, party leaders V. Laxman Balaji and Nandipet Ravinder said the party viewed the GHMC elections as an opportunity to convince the people that they could usher in new politics in the State with their vote.

The party is entering the GHMC elections with two evocative slogans -- “Vote for us and power to you” and “Seeti bajao, city bachao” (Blow the whistle (the party symbol) and save the city).

The party seeks to empower people with a per capita grant of Rs.1000 to every division so that local committees could spend it on attending to pressing community needs. The party will strive to usher in corruption-free governance in GHMC.

The Lok Satta Party, which is coming up with division-wise manifestos, will be resolving problems related to transport and traffic, drinking water and sanitation and education and health care. It will address unemployment among youth by launching programs to develop skills among them and show them placements or provide self-employment opportunities.

The party has finalized candidates for nearly 110 of the 150 divisions in the GHMC. It is roping in party leaders from all over the State campaign for its candidates in the elections.

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  1. The opportunity is clearly there now. A good push at this juncture can push the TDP into permanent defense. Keep in mind that conventional parties don't like the prospect of a long fight. Once the road ahead appears blocked, TDP (just like PRP) will lose steam.

    Vote Lok Satta. And tell a 100 others to vote Lok Satta. Your country will be forever grateful for the first big surge from Andhra Pradesh.