Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dr. JP appeals to voters not to be swayed by wild promises

Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today appealed to people of the two new States – Telangana and Andhra Pradesh – to vote only for candidates with integrity and competence who alone will safeguard their future.

Addressing media after releasing a list of 51 candidates who will be contesting elections to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Dr. JP warned that the two new States would face a bleak future if they vote for parties which are promising all types of sops including loan waivers unmindful of fiscal constraints.

The united Andhra Pradesh had witnessed agitations for and against formation of Telangana because youth in the two regions were concerned about their livelihood opportunities.

Instead of promising generation of more power, encouragement of manufacturing and provision of job opportunities to youth, most parties are trying to grab power by hoodwinking people with temporary sops and unrealistic promises.

Dr. JP said it would be a case of stillbirth both for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh if people do not wake up and think about their future. They should not be swayed by politics of money, dynasty and loyalties to caste and religion as they exercise their franchise.

Dr. JP said the elections have become so murky that in the just concluded ZPTC elections, some candidates had spent up to Rs.7crore each. All that the winners do is electing a zilla parishad chairperson. They have nothing to do thereafter for five years.

The two States are witnessing a mad, unbridled quest for power because it enables victors to loot people and the exchequer. No wonder, with candidates switching from one party to another at such a fast pace, that people do not know on behalf of which party they are contesting.

Dr. JP said people should realize elections are meant for them to chalk out their future and not the future of the candidates in the fray.

Dr. JP recalled that when all other parties promoted regional animosities, the Loksatta alone had worked for an amicable solution to the bifurcation of the State. It highlighted the problems the two emerging States would face and proposed solutions. He was happy and proud when the Union Government accepted most of Loksatta’s ideas.

All his happiness is now evaporating as he witnesses political parties making wild promises with the single point program of coming to power.

The Loksatta Party, he said, is contesting only a limited number of seats. It is seeking people’s votes not to come to power but to safeguard their future in the two States. It is fielding young and educated candidates. The average age of the 51 candidates named today is 35. They include 28 candidates belonging to BCs, SCs and minorities.

Replying to a question, Dr. JP said that Mr. Anurag Kejriwal of Delhi who made wild allegations against the party had been suspended.

Releasing the list of candidates, Mr. D. V. V. S. Varma, Convener of the party’s Andhra Pradesh Coordination Committee, appealed to people to vote for the Loksatta Party which alone can give a direction to youth who are in a state of despondency in the wake of the State’s bifurcation. He warned against voting for the YSRCP, which is steeped in corruption and the TDP, which is making reckless promises.

Mr. Varma said that the second list containing about 25 candidates will be released on April 16.

Party leaders Y. D. Rama Rao, Bhisetty Babji and Omkar took part in the media conference.

Following is the list of candidates released today.

S.NoDistrictConstituencyNameSocial Category
1SrikakulamPalasaTammineni Madhava RaoBC
2SrikakulamAmudalavalasaTammineni Annama NaiduBC
3SrikakulamRajam (SC)T.S. Babu RaoSC
4SrikakulamSrikakulamPanchadi RambabuBC
5SrikakulamEcherlaPydi Ammi NaiduBC
6VizianagaramGajapati NagaramD. Eshwara RaoBC
7VizianagaramVizianagaramK.R.D. PrasadBC
8VizagVizag (North)Bheesetti BabjiBC
9VizagVizag (East)N. VenugopalOC
10VizagVizag (West)Raman BallaSC
11VizagGajuwakaJampana SrideviOC
12VizagAnakapalliV. NukarajuOC
13East GodavariKakinada CityY.D. Rama RaoOC
14East GodavariMandapetaP.V.V. Ramakrishna RaoOC
15East GodavariRamachandrapuramM.B.S. SastriOC
16East GodavariMummidivaramP. PrabhakarOC
17West GodavariEluruCH. Bheemeswara RaoOC
18West GodavariNarsapurNalla Surya Chandar RaoOC
19West GodavariNidadhavoleJeedigunta KrishnaOC
20KrishnaVijayawada EastV. BhanuprakashOC
21KrishnaVijayawada CentralB. Ashok KumarSC
22KrishnaVijayawada WestG. Shiva PrasadBC
23KrishnaPenamaluruZameel Ahmed BaigMinority
24KrishnaMachilipatnamAnkem JitendraOC
25KrishnaGannavaramPamarthi RamakrishnaBC
26KrishnaAvanigaddaN. Radha KrishnaBC
27KrishnaPedanaThirumani EdukondaluBC
28KrishnaJaggayyapetaRamakrishna VarmaBC
29GunturGuntur WestJ. Irama MurthyBC
30GunturChilakaluri PetaMadasu Bhanu PrasadSC
31GunturMacharlaDarvemula PrakashOC
32PrakasamOngoleAllu Shiva Ramesh ReddyOC
33PrakasamS.NutalapaduVarikotu AnjaneyuluSC
34PrakasamChiralaG. BalasubramanyamBC
35PrakasamParchurJ. Praveen KumarOC
36PrakasamKanigiriT.V.K. SubbaraoOC
37PrakasamMarkapuramS. Chandra ShekarBC
38PrakasamGiddaluruK. VenkateswarluBC
39PrakasamKondepi (SC)G. Madhava RaoSC
40NelloreNellore CityN. SridharOC
41NelloreGuduruK.V. KrishnaiahSC
42NelloreSulluru PetaJ. VenkateswarluSC
43NelloreNellore RuralTunga Narayana ReddyOC
44ChittoorTirupatiM.Siddaiah NaiduOC
45ChittoorThambllapallyS. Saravana KumarBC
46ChittoorMadhanapallyS. Jaya Chandra ReddyOC
47ChittoorNagariPothugunta Vijay Babu 
48KurnoolNadhyalJ. Souri ReddyOC
49KurnoolEmmiganurK. Vasantha KumarOC
50KurnoolSrisailamBannuru AmeenuddinMinority
51KurnoolAluruG. NagarajuBC


  1. All the best to the candidates,we youth are with you.Please campaign more in the masses also.

  2. Why the age and education are not mentioned in this list ?

  3. A link to their profiles would have been good.

  4. please do rigorous campaigning........all the best for all contestants.

  5. Why are you so late in deciding candidates for major cities like kurnool, kadapa , anantapur ,etc ?