Wednesday, April 9, 2014

‘Not a closed chapter yet’ - Times of India

Hours before the deadline for filing the nominations Jayaprakash Narayan confesses that an alliance with 'team TDP-BJP' is still an option. But the Loksatta chief is clear on one thing: his party will not negotiate on its fundamentals to make it happen.

"There is certainly an impasse now, but it isn't a closed chapter yet. We will see if something can be worked out satisfactorily without us compromising on our dignity. But time is running out," says the Malkajgiri Lok Sabha candidate, who recently stormed out of the grand alliance to contest the seat independently . JP prefers not to dwell too much on the reasons for this 'break up'.

But ask him how he perceives the tie-up (TDP-BJP ), and prompt comes the response. "In one sense it is a natural alliance, because they are both anti-Congress and have worked together earlier. But in another sense, there seems to be some problem pertaining to seat sharing etc, so we don't know if they will be able to work in synergy," says the sitting Kukatpally MLA. As a footnote, he adds: "An alliance cannot be forged just for arithmetic convenience. There has to be some commonality and mutual respect."

The one he walked into, the political veteran explains, was for two reasons. "Firstly because we believe that immediately after the partition when sentiments run high and with so many new parties emerging every day, people would need clarity (on the roadmap ahead) not confusion. Secondly, there is a fear of votes being split. To counter these concerns we thought of exploring the idea of an alliance," he elaborates.

But while JP isn't sure about the future of this still-probably-partnership, he knows exactly what he wants to achieve, if elected to the Parliament. His three point agenda: To procure Rs 7,000 crore to revamp the city's infrastructure (with focus on storm-water drainage, sewerage and drinking water), create jobs especially in the manufacturing sector and protect the requirements of both the states, post bifurcation.

"I am almost absolutely certain that the next 10 years is the last window of opportunity for economic deliverance of India. And this can be tackled only through employment generation," the babu-turnedneta says.

JP has other plans too, but forming a government isn't one of them. "We (Loksatta) are contesting limited seats, predominantly in urban pockets. We are campaigning hard and with all honesty, because even a few voices in the legislature matter."

Courtesy: Times of India

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  1. Its better for loksatta to merge with BJP. We will get Malkajgiri loksabha and some assembly tickets.