Tuesday, August 16, 2011

అన్నా హజారేను నిర్బందించటం మతిలేని పని: జేపీ


  1. It is clearly seen that Dr. Manmohan singh and his team have fallen in to defense and they are trying to harass Sriman Anna Hazare in order to get them selves releaved from the corruption the are very much involved in. I surprise as to why dont they want a corruption free country.They think if they pass the lokpal bill as prescribed by Sriman Anna Hazare, they will not be able to amass the wealth as they are doing now. The central Cabinet should be ashamed of their attitude. Specially Dr. Manmohan Singh for he is depending on the Ministers who are grabbing the common man's money.

  2. It's unfortunate that Dr JP thinks the UPA government has introduced a strong Lokpal bill in the parliament. It's not strong by any stretch of the imagination. As IAC accurately describes, it's a cruel joke on the Indian public. The reason the government hasn't tried to sincerely work with Anna's team is that Congress (and, for that matter, most other parties) have decided that it's suicidal for them to agree to any of Jan Lokpal bill provisions.