Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let us fulfill our destiny by overcoming failings: Dr. JP

Greeting Indians the world over on the eve of the Independence Day, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan said India has ensured freedom and peaceful transition of power, and stable economic growth after 20 years of economic reforms.

Indian can fulfill its destiny by 2022, the 75th year of Independence, if the society and polity display the requisite will and skill to bring about accountability in governance, ensure participation of citizens in exercise of power, and create growth opportunities to all.

Dr. JP pointed out that lack of accountability in governance and polity is one of our conspicuous failings. The recent yearnings for a strong, independent Lokpal/Lokayukta mechanism are borne out of ordinary citizens’ despair over lack of accountability. The second failing is exercise of power by a privileged few. The need of the hour is dispersal of power both horizontally and vertically. People should have control over their destiny. The third failing is denial of growth opportunities every child. The opportunities are now open only to those with the privileges of birth and wealth. The nation can endure only when all its citizens are freed from bondage of oppression and poverty.

Dr. JP said we should put an end to evils like political dynasty, monumental corruption, centralization of power, neglect of agriculture and the attitude of might is right.

He appealed to all Indians to transcend narrow barriers of caste and religion, region and language and recognize that all of us are Indians first.

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  1. The people must realise to do their duty punctually. Nowadays the people are giving up their duties and making roundings in the temples, prayers in the mosque, prayers in the churches and other religious people also spending their valuable time at unimportant other works instead of their fundamental duties. They are not realising serving to people is serving to god.