Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Round Table on Lokpal/Lokayukta

(At Jubilee Hall, Hyderabad on August 11, 2011)

Given the phenomenal corruption in public life, it is self-evident that we need strong, credible and effective mechanisms to enforce public accountability. The spate of recent scams and the spontaneous public and media pressure to act have compelled the Government of India to introduce Lokpal Bill in the Parliament.

There are however, four specific issues, which merit serious consideration, missing in the Government's Bill. We feel it is our duty to bring it to the notice of the Government the following issues:

1. A Single Legislation by Parliament applicable to the Union and States

2. Seamless Integration of CVC and Vigilance Commissioners with Lokpal / Lokayuktas

3. Chief Ministers to be brought under Lokpal jurisdiction

4. Anti-Corruption Wings of CBI and ACBs to be made autonomous, so that there can be independent, impartial investigation.

In order to focus attention these issues and devise strategies to mobilize public opinion and pursue these reforms, a Round table is proposed to be held in Hyderabad with eminent and public-spirited citizens. The Round Table aims at building consensus and answering specific questions relating to the proposed Lokpal / Lokayukta institution and the legal and institutional changes needed to combat corruption effectively. The Round Table will be a purposive and focused discussion which will hopefully bring clarity and consensus on contentious issues and promote inputs for informed public discourse.

With warm personal regards,

Jayaprakash Narayan

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