Saturday, August 27, 2011

We have made history but miles to go: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan described August 27 as a great day in the history of our Republic. “Parliament displayed the majesty of the functioning of democracy and members, exemplary unity of purpose and leadership. The quality of debate over the Lokpal and Anna Hazare’s fast is a matter of pride for all Indias, irrespective of their political beliefs.”

Dr. JP said that despite baffling diversity and many failings of our political system, the parliamentarians exhibited true nobility of politics.

“The two cardinal gifts of our Constitution are liberty and the vote through which we govern ourselves. If the elected, Government and Parliament become too strong and undermine liberty, it leads to tyranny. If people’s liberty undermines Parliament, it leads to anarchy. It is a challenge for leaders and people to traverse a middle path, integrating liberty with constitutionalism. “

Dr. JP said Anna Hazare has done yeoman service to the country by bringing the fight against corruption to the center-stage of our political process. Even more important, he has brought large sections of the middle class and youth into the political process.

“Now we have the important task of channeling this energy for long-term political engagement. We have many tasks on hand. We have to end corruption. We have to decentralize Government and empower people. We have to establish the rule of law which treats every one alike. We have to strengthen agriculture and save the farmer. We have to transform the nature of politics and make the best and brightest electable.

“We are all one. There are no distinctions of parties or civil society, Parliament or people. Let us all rejoice and get on with the many tasks on hand. Let us all work with redoubled vigor to complete the unfinished agenda.”


  1. As usual from JP! a very rational insight on importance of channelizing this energy to ensure true commitment towards sensitivity to politics from each one who joined and supported the fight. After all, solving an issue needs guts and attempts to retain it needs wisdom.

  2. Awesome JP...As always.. you are our inspiration!! We are with you. We have a long way to go..specially agriculture reforms and police reforms.

  3. Can we get to see the copy of resolution printed in all national and regional newspapers and as a presentation in all 400+ T.V. channels, because it is one of the most victorious people's movement in the history of india's 64 years of independence as we can see the copy of declaration of independence of U.S.posted on the walls of each and every school of U.S.

  4. Yes I agree that decentralise of power is required...But I don’t think our people are capable of handling it reasonably .. So first it should be learning process that needs to be initiated by great political thinkers like JP sir.. I think today this is most missing element in India.I dont know but I think (as I see my grand parents) old people were politically more literate then now..old people were literature continuously by very honest and good this processes has stopped completely we need to re instantiate this..
    So before distributing power distribute knowledge and passion this is bit abstract... surge of people for lokpal suggests people have will power but now they need to be learning process to be more mature and informed will JP sir said "A nation that needs heroes every day, is in a bad shape" .. this tells us that how every day very customised shops for gathering people are opened this time it was "Anna Non-violence"....and it will follow the same failure patter that people will be betrayed one more time (IF they will come to know).. JP Sir we need people like you to break this failure patterns...

  5. Sir,
    Victory comes when the act is implemented. so far it is half victory only. not fully.